Serve, Lead, Inspire

For over a decade the Hope Now Foundation has served people in the United States and Internationally. We believe that there are many worthy efforts that can be engaged in to positively impact the world in lasting and meaningful ways. We have selected two primary initiatives (1) education and (2) clean water as our focal areas for our collective spiritual acts of service. Internationally we provide clean water as a way to break the cycle of poverty and locally we provide resources and services to facilitate and enhance education as the great equalizer. Whether locally or internationally we are powered by the Gods love to share our hope, faith and the Gospel of Jesus which can heal the soul. Our efforts result in protecting and saving lives making a bright future possible for all.


“To bring much need educational resources locally, purified water
internationally and the message of Jesus Christ, the only source of “Hope”
and “Living Water,” to the poor communities across the globe.”


While the HopeNow Foundation does much to address practical and physical needs in the United States and on Roatan Island our ultimate goals are evangelical in nature. The Hope and the Living Water that can only come from Jesus are the driving force of all we do.


Sustainability is the key element that will propel these efforts far into the future. We strive to establish solutions that the individuals that we now serve will be able to maintain into the years to come.


Meeting practical needs is vital. Providing school resources locally and drinkable water internationally has not only proven to save lives but also generate an environment where the spiritual message is well received.